Essential Rewards

Essential Rewards come into play for those of you who have a wholesale account. You are not required to sell or distribute anything to reap the benefits of an Essential Rewards membership.  It’s similar to a Costco membership but better!

What are Essential Rewards (ER)?

Essential Rewards (ER) is an autoship program where you purchase 50 PV (PV actually stands for PERSONAL VOLUME, however, for this to make more sense, in this post I am referring to PV as product value or point value) every month.

Usually, the Product Value is dollar for dollar in price value, but not always. Look at the PV of each product you are purchasing to make sure your PV (not necessarily amount spent) equals 50 every month.

With the Essential Rewards program, you will earn points toward future product purchases. This program rewards you for every autoship purchase of 50 PV or more. You are allowed ONE Essential Rewards autoship purchase per month, but can make as many regular orders as you wish using Quick Order (Regular orders do not accumulate ER points.)

*** the only time I use Quick Order is to use my Essential Reward Points.  It is MUCH beneficial to order through Essential Rewards.


How do I earn points?

Each month on the Essential Rewards program gets you a certain amount of points – a percentage of what you purchase back in points that you can cash in at a later time to buy other wonderful Young Living products.

  • In the first six months (months 1 – 6), you get 10% back in ER point credits.
  • In the next six months (months 7 – 12), you get 15% back in ER point credits.
  • In every month after, beginning with month 13, you get 20% back in ER point credits.

That can add up fairly quickly, especially if you are taking advantage of the monthly promos, and even more quickly once you hit month 7. Your points begin to accumulate as soon as your order ships, and you can view your ER points every time you log in to your Virtual Office; they are right there on your main page.


How do I get an ER Account?

  • Online through your Virtual Office: This is where you purchase your YL products. Simply log in to your account, click “Essential Rewards” in the left-hand column, and follow the instructions.
  • Or, call YL at 1-800-371-2928.