YL Layman’s Terms


Fast Start Bonus of 25% of the PV for each enrollment (the PV for a Premium Starter Kit is 100, so you’ll earn about $25 enrollment for this bonus alone —and you’ll receive that 25% for 3 months)

Start Living Bonus of $25 per enrollment (one time) receive each time you are the Enroller of someone signing up with Premium Kit.

Enroller – Young Living defines the Enroller as “the person responsible for introducing a new distributor to Young Living.  The Enroller is the person who will receive the Fast Start Bonus and the Start Kit Bonus.

Sponsor – The Sponsor is the new distributor’s direct Upline.  The Enroller and the Sponsor may be the same person – or they may be two completely different people.  The Enroller is the one who “signs the person up.”  The Sponsor defines their placement in the organizational structure and is there for support and motivation.

Upline – This refers to all of the people who are enrolled directly above you – all the way “up the line.”  People that are “higher in rank” in the organization are not necessarily your Upline-only those who were enrolled by someone who enrolled someone who enrolled someone…enrolled you.  Think of them as your YL parents, grandparents, grandparents, great greats…That’s your Upline.  We have an awesome Upline and as hungry as I am for great information and Team knowledge that was important for me to find an AWESOME Upline and we HAVE IT! (if you want to know more about your upline..ask)

Essential Rewards (ER) – a method where you create a “repeating order” through your account on Young Living’s website (Your Dashboard when you log into your Young Living Account).  This program is so Awesome!  ER guarantees that you’ll get a fresh dose of products you want each month.

  • You get to choose products that you want. The ER is not limited to specific items such as just essential oils, nor does it exclude certain items.
  • You choose the day it ships. You can select any day if your dashboard doesn’t allow it call YL.
  • You don’t have to remember to order. It happens automatically.
  • You get Essential Reward Points to use for FREE products of your choice. Like frequent flier miles!  Minus the fine print and all of the black-out-dates.
  • You can change/adjust/ quit the ER program at any time. You are NOT locked in.
  • Bottom line: you don’t want to leave these benefits “on the table”.  Take full advantage of what’s being offered to you.
  • MONTHS 1-6 = 10%    MONTHS 7-12 = 15%     MONTHS  13+ = 20%  YAY! (that’s more free stuff)  (your months will need to be consecutive if you stop ER and start back you start with Month 1)

Note:  No limit to the number of points you can earn

Redeem up to $350 points per month

Points expire 12 months after they are earned (So Use them)

Always Always use your points before stopping Essential Rewards!


PV = Personal Volume – This is the total volume of your own monthly orders.  Generally 1 PV is $1 worth of products – but not always.  Some items (i.e., executive-style pens) don’t give you $1 = 1 PV.  YL does this to keep the commissions low on those items – and to make them cheaper and more accessible to the distributors.

OGV=Organization Group Volume – This is the volume of your entire organization.  It’s calculated monthly and includes yourself plus everyone in all of your entire downline.

PGV = Personal Group Volume – This is the total monthly volume of your organization minus any Silver or higher and/or ranking legs, as well as the legs you used to qualify for your rank.  This comes into effect when you hit Silver (and higher).